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Scientific Background > Habituation

The body ignores constant or repetitive sensory input and stops responding to it. This phenomenon is known as habituation.

Manually controlled devices such as weighted vests, which apply constant deep pressure to the user, stop having a calming effect after a short time because of habituation. To maintain the calming effect, it is possible to alternately remove and put back on the weighted vest or use other means to manually control the application of deep pressure. However, these constant interventions do not solve the stress/anxiety problem because the user undergoes mood swings as the calming effect diminishes and is then restored.
Note that manual control is a desirable control option of a deep pressure device for people who need assistance in controlling their arousal level, not necessarily in order to calm down.

The BioHug Vest is the only device on the market that truly addresses the issue of habituation by employing our patented computerized vest-control algorithm. The BioHug Vest also features a manual option for those who need it.
The BioHug Vest can be used to calm ANYONE under stress, whether from medical issues or from environmental ones. In addition to individuals, we believe the BioHug Vest will be of interest to businesses that come into contact with stressed or anxious individuals, such as airlines.