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Scientific Background > Deep Pressure

Deep Pressure is a soothing sensation arising from hugging, cuddling, squeezing, stroking, or holding.
Deep Pressure Treatment programs have been employed by many occupational therapists to calm people suffering from a wide variety of disorders, such as ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, post-traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia (Kraus).
The calming response to receiving Deep Pressure Treatment is a very basic phenomenon of the neural system and occurs in all people. This explains Deep Pressure Treatment’s calming effect in all populations regardless of the source of their anxiety, even in those with no medical disabilities.

The ability of Deep Pressure to soothe the human nervous system greatly expands the potential uses for the BioHug Vest. Its effect on back pain is about to be tested in clinical trials. This is only one of a broad range of applications that we envision for the future.

  “The Effects of Deep Pressure Touch on Anxiety”, Kirsten E. Krauss, June 1987, Volume 41, Number 6, PP 366-373