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BioHug Technologies
At this moment, no one really understands the nature of autism and other sensory related disorders. We desperately need an OBJECTIVE way of diagnosing them as soon as possible so that treatment can begin at the earliest possible moment. We also need assistive technologies to provide immediate relief to people with these issues and to their families and to improve their lives.

Bio Hug Technologies Ltd. is engaged in both basic research on sensory-related disorders and in the development of assistive devices and diagnostic devices based on that research.

Our focus is

To gain a better understanding of the nature of autism, now reaching epidemic proportions worldwide. Our research indicates that sensory processing function is at fault.

To translate our research into a practical instrument that measures the processing function and detects when it malfunctions. Such a device will have an enormous impact on the study and treatment of autism. We are well on our way to our goal with a prototype of a tool that is on its way to clinical testing. 

To create assistive technologies for people on the autism spectrum that will make it possible to include them in society and ease the burden on their caregivers. By wearing the BioHug Vest, people with impaired funcitoning can calm their extreme levels of stress and improve their quality of life.